6 Ways to Love and Appreciate Your Big Feet


Shoe size shaming is an issue that has affected many in our GBF (Girls with Big Feet) community. Society has created many unrealistic beauty standards that dictate what is considered attractive and feminine, and often, having big feet doesn't fit that mould. The embarrassment and shame towards our feet can come as a result of rude comments from strangers, friends, or even family members. These comments are hurtful and damaging and contribute to feelings of low self-esteem.

Breaking this stigma and empowering women to love and embrace their feet is more than overdue. Body positivity is about accepting and loving your body, regardless of size or shape- this includes our feet! Our feet carry us through life, they should be celebrated not ignored. So here are 6 ways to highlight the beauty of your feet and help you fall in love with them:

1. Prioritise comfort

Forget all the tricks to make your feet appear smaller or disappear. Body positivity is our goal here, and there is certainly nothing positive about wearing ill-fitting shoes in order to conform. Your feet are big, bold and beautiful, so enjoy them by wearing comfortable shoes that make you feel confident!

2. Self-care = self-love

Regular pedicures, foot massages, and moisturising can help keep your feet looking and feeling great. Treating yourself to a foot spa day can be a fun and relaxing way to show your feet some love.

3. Find your tribe

Connecting with other women with big feet can be a great way to find support and solidarity. There are many online communities and forums where women with big feet can share their experiences, recommendations, and styling tips. By opening up about your experiences and celebrating your uniqueness, you inspire others to embrace their individuality and vice versa. 

4. Flaunt your unique style

Remember, trends are not the ultimate authority. Wear what makes you feel confident and beautiful, regardless of the latest fashion fads. Don't shy away from bold designs, vibrant colours, patterns, and embellishments. If it works for you, then rock it unapologetically. Your shoes can make or break an outfit - use them like the powerful feature they are.  

5. Discover the right brands

Instead of gazing starry-eyed at cute little size 6s, wishing you could just fit into them, look for brands that offer large shoes for women. They understand the needs of women with larger feet and design shoes accordingly. You will be pleasantly surprised how many shoe brands are out there that offer chic shoes for big feet. Explore specialist online retailers, like Gowa, to shop and discover these brands!

6. Have fun experimenting!

Figure out what works for your feet - are you high-arched, narrow, wide, etc. and be keen to experiment with different styles, heel heights, etc. For example,  Stilettos, wedges, or block heels can all enhance your posture and add elegance to your look. But most importantly have fun with it, there are no rules here!


Your feet are a part of your individuality; there's no running away from them. We hope these tips help you develop a more positive relationship with your feet and most importantly help you have more fun shopping for shoes!

At Gowa, will continue to work hard to curate a selection of brands that cater to GBFs and continue to promote fashion inclusivity and body positivity!