Who We Are

Welcome to Gowa, where we are uniting women, brands and large-sized footwear to embrace choice and confidence. At Gowa, we believe that fashion shouldn't have size limitations. Our mission? To revolutionize the shoe-shopping experience for women with larger feet by offering high-quality, trendy footwear that embraces every curve of their uniqueness. With our carefully curated collection, we intend to make every stride a statement of self-expression. We're not just here to deliver shoes; we're here to deliver empowerment. Your style, your size, your story. Say farewell to compromise and welcome a shoe sanctuary crafted solely for you.

The Founders

Keji and Bisi, the founders behind Gowa, share a story that stretches back to their primary school days in Nigeria. Fast-forward to London, where destiny reunited them many years later. As two women with big feet, they were bound by a common experience: the dance of assembling a flawless outfit, only to be let down by shoes that never quite measured up. They decided to unite their experiences, and their yearning for a world where fabulous fashion and perfect-fit footwear harmonised, to create Gowa—a haven of fashion-forward footwear, meticulously curated for women just like them.

Gowa became their love letter to every woman who had ever felt the pang of frustration in a shoe store, the anthem of those who believe that fashion should not be bound by size. Gowa isn't just their creation; it's a testament to their lived experience, a journey of style, self-expression, and empowerment. It is a declaration that fashion has no boundaries, and confidence is not a privilege but a right.

Get in Touch

Are there any brands you would love to see on Gowa? Or are you a brand that resonates with our mission? We would love to hear from you!